Our Heritage

Rum was America’s first drink of choice, with the average Colonial American drinking an estimated 3 gallons per year. The Sugar Act of 1764, though, imposed a steep tax on West Indian sugar and American rum distilleries simply couldn’t survive. Then, Americans discovered Whiskey could be made from widely accessible corn, and the art of American Craft Rum was lost…or so we thought.

Things are hectic in today’s America, but that goes without saying. We need something to remind us of our principles rooted in liberty and justice for all, and actively working together for a brighter tomorrow.

Oak & Cane is something America thought it would never see again: A craft rum that’s sourced and aged domestically, that welcomes anyone, anywhere to come drink it and enjoy it’s legendary smoothness, all while maintaining an optimistic spirit that when we stick to our principles, we can come together to make the future brighter.

Oak & Cane Rum is going to revive The Original American Spirit.

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