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This rum is very easy going down. The sweetness is distinctly clean and sugary, offset by fresh orange flavors that include a bit of bitter peel and woodsy oak. It would be ideal served on the rocks or with fizzy mixers.

AMANDA SCHUSTERDistiller Reviewer

The rum's orange peel notes come through on the aroma, but it isn't overpowering. The wood aroma comes through as does the rum itself. On the taste, sweetness is there but seems in balance with the orange and barrel spices. Has a bit of a bite on the finish, in a good way. Use in your next punch or take your rum and Coke to another level.


Coupled with local orange peel, the distilled rum is stored in White American Oak barrels, which imparts a sweet, fruity flavor balanced out by spicy, woodsy notes. At 80 proof this spirit packs a punch, yet its price remains easy on the wallet. Perfect neat or mixed into a cocktail, Oak & Cane is the perfect staple in your liquor stable.

Sarah Evans - DrinkMeMag.comDrinkMeMag Author

If you're looking for a good rum and a beautiful bar cart bottle, this Oak & Cane Rum would make the perfect addition to your home! Oak & Cane is crafted in Florida with locally sourced ingredients and it is SO SMOOTH! Trust me, we had a little get together last Saturday and I already need to re-stock. But I also just love the look of the bottle as well.

Amanda - TheBrilliantBalance.comTheBrilliantBalance Author

Tasted it recently at the Miami Rum trade expo. There were some not so good examples of rum there BUT then this one. I thought the noise was ok but was quite impressed by its flavor.

B.P.O - RumRatings.comRum Renaissance Visitor

Tried this on the rocks at a cigar bar and couldn't believe how smooth it was on rocks. Couldn't believe it was a rum. I'll drink to that!

Frank - Rumratings.comSuper Smooth
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