Proudly Made in America
The Foundation

Oak & Cane offers a timeless spirit, with legendary taste. Its distilling team is spearheaded by Master Distiller Dustin Skartved, who brings more than 15 years of experience crafting unique recipes with locally sourced American grown ingredients.

01 / Local Ingredients

Florida's Natural Resources

Oak & Cane starts with Florida-grown sugarcane, which is well rested with Florida orange peels, before it’s aged in medium charred white American Oak.

02 / Innovative Distilling


We celebrate new-world distillation practices, with a proprietary distillation process that has resulted in our award-winning rum. While many spirits must age for years to achieve a smooth taste profile, ours remains timeless and legendary.

03 / Maturation

Well rested in American Oak

Oak & Cane rests its rum for as long as Father Time requires in medium charred white American Oak, creating a smooth and versatile rum. Oak & Cane’s rum is just as smooth – if not smoother – than comparable 12-year-old aged rums.